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Workplace Ergonomics

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About me

I began my career in Workplace Ergonomics in 2000 following my graduation in Human Movement Science from the University of Liverpool.  A career in ‘sales’ was never an aspiration when studying for my degree but is now a well-trodden path.

Twenty-two years later I am still excited about the opportunities the market holds and am driven to succeed in revolutionising the Workplace Ergonomics sector, challenging the current status-quo by offering advice from the outset with product intervention being a last resort, ensuring the individual is always put before the sale.

Also, as a qualified Change Management Practitioner, I am passionate about supporting clients to navigate the ever-changing world we are living and working in.

Who do I work with?

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Office Furniture Manufacturers

To find the balance of creating exceptional, healthy and productive spaces while maximising their potential in the workplace ergonomics market.

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Ergonomic Service Providers

Working alongside the sales team(s) to manage and execute account and opportunity strategies, utilising all appropriate resources.

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End-user Businesses

To ensure compliance, promote employee health and wellbeing and a culture that attracts the best talent.

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Why work with me

First and foremost, I am passionate about the industry and my work. I have a drive for excellence, and an eye for organisation and detail.

But I also know that I can support your organisation because I can deliver on all of the Top 10 reasons that organisations hire consultants.

  • For expertise
  • Identifying internal problems
  • To supplement a company’s internal staff
  • Act as a catalyst for change
  • Provide much needed objectivity
  • For training
  • To accomplish company’s “dirty work”
  • Bring new life to an organisation
  • To make the ground ready for new business
  • To share contacts

The services I offer

To Furniture Manufacturers:

  • Dealer training & growth planning
  • Contract planning & sourcing
  • Contract management & delivery
  • Specialist vertical market consultancy
  • Change management as a service
  • Independent assessment services

To Ergonomic Service Providers:

  • Sales team mentoring & coaching
  • Specialist vertical market focus
  • Change management as a service
  • Independent assessment services
  • Contract planning & sourcing
  • Contract management & delivery

To End-user Businesses:

  • Change management
  • DSE (display screen equipment) policy & procedure support
  • DSE assessments
  • Ergonomic workstation assessments
  • Ergonomic solutions advice & guidance
  • Furniture & ergonomic solutions procurement consultancy
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I have known Mark for over 20 years, and have had the pleasure of working with him for most of this time. I have worked alongside Mark in managing some of our previous employer’s largest clients, as well as launching and establishing new products and divisions. Mark always works with absolute integrity and honesty, and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He is one of life's good guys!
David Kirtley, Applied Medical
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I have worked both with Mark, and for Mark, throughout my career in Workplace Ergonomics. Mark has repeatedly taught me that supporting an individual in the workplace is just as important, and fulfilling, as developing companywide processes, procedures and initiatives to ensure employee health and wellbeing. Mark’s work at Balenst will undoubtedly offer additional expertise to the wider furniture manufacturer and ergo dealer community whilst still supporting the corporate market.
Craig McGrath, MD, ErgoInstall Ltd
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Ergochair were delighted to engage with Balenst Limited on two recent projects. Mark worked methodically to understand the needs and goals of Ergochair. He supported the development of new supplier and contractor relationships through his network of industry contacts and delivered an operational model that will support Ergochair in the future. We would have no hesitancy in recommending Mark and fully support him and Balenst Limited.
Robert Lunga, CEO, Ergochair Limited
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Get in touch

Workplace Ergonomics

Call me on 07891 979 378 for a free consultation, and let’s get to grips on what support you need. Or you can pop your details into the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.